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Verre Eglomise
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We have made Eglomise glass (verre Eglomise in France where it originated, see the history page ) for many years, for use both in restoration: to replace brocken or damaged panels of glass and for new projects.
We have developed a range of hand painted and gilt, decorative Eglomise glass, some traditional and some highly contemporary.
Our verre Eglomise is used in a wide variety of ways. Walls can be covered with large sheets to create huge visual impact or numbers of smaller pieces can be used in a patterned decorative scheme. Doors, ceilings, furniture can all benefit from the application of decorative verre Eglomise designs either as a feature, such as a table top, or covered entirely.
We have also had to find new techniques to antique mirror glass successfully for restoration and, as a natural progression to this have developed a wide range of colour effects and patinated forms of verre Eglomise and antiqued mirror.
Over the last few years we have experimented with adding dimension to our decorative glass by creating carved or relief glass.
Relief or carved glass is sandblasted giving extra depth to many designs, creating a combination of polished and etched areas to the back and/or the front. It is also possible to combine the techniques of carved / relief glass with eglomise glass to achieve truly beautiful and unusual effects and designs.

Verre Eglomise produced in our workshops

 Verre Eglomise produced in our workshops

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We take an enormous pride in creating our decorative glass, and hope that you'll find something on our website that you like, we have included over 750 pictures of our work. We  can also create custom orders; call or email us to discuss your requirements.

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